For over 65 years, DiBianca Properties has 100% family owned and managed all of our properties. Our management is currently undertaken by third and fourth generation family members, some of which operate their personal businesses in our buildings. All managers live in the Flemington area, giving us the ability to promptly attend to all tenant issues and provide hands on management not available for most large commercial buildings. We have always prepared and negotiated our own leases and supervise all renovations. All of our tenants are provided with a local number, which allows them to contact an owner, not an agent of the owner.

   CONSTRUction of Plaza one

   CONSTRUction of Plaza one

Led by our founder, Joseph DiBianca, The DiBianca Family first acquired commercial property in Flemington in 1949. Joseph's son, Salvatore, led our family owned construction company, Hunterdon General Contractors, in constructing numerous buildings throughout the years. By performing and supervising all of our own construction, it was assured that a quality structure would be built. 

Our first building was constructed on Route 12 in 1952. Consisting of two 2,100 square foot stores. In 1959, five additional stores were added; resulting in the seven stores that exist on Route 12 today. In 1978, our second building was constructed at 154 Broad Street; around the corner from the Route 12 stores. In 1984, the Plaza One building was completed on the Flemington Circle. From 1987 through 1989, Commerce Street Plaza was constructed in Raritan Township accross the street from the local Shop Rite grocery store. This high volume area has allowed some of our original tenants to still occupy space in the building today. In 2010, the family purchased the former Axelrod Pharmacy building located at 76 Reaville Avenue next to McDonalds. The family construction company had built the building in 1982. 

Currently we have approvals for an 8,200 square foot retail strip center to be located between the Route 12 Stores and the 154 Broad Street building. 

We presently have some quality space available in our buildings and invite you to join our many satisfied tenants.